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Welcome to Cornhole Worldwide

We are your one-stop shop for all of your cornhole needs. We provide a variety of cornhole games including unfinished cornhole boards, stained boards and custom game boards. We also stock many different styles of themed cornhole games that will fit with your personal style.

What do our Cornhole Sets include?

Every Cornhole game we sell includes 2 game boards and 8 cornhole bags (4 each of two colors). The boards are made with a birch plywood game surface and premium 2x4s for the frames and legs. The legs of the Cornhole boards are retractable for flat storage and transportation. The Cornhole boards are regulation size 24” x 4” with a 6” hole and the bags are regulation sized as well (6” x 6” and filled with 1lb of whole kernel feed corn.)

What Cornhole accessories does Cornhole Worldwide sell?

Here at Cornhole Worldwide, we offer an assortment of Cornhole accessories to compliment your game. For score keeping, we offer Cornhole ScoreTowers that stand next to your boards and also offer a convenient place to put your beverage during play. We also offer Cornhole Scorestrips that mount to the back of your boards, allowing you to keep score when playing with a minimal amount of space. Playing Cornhole in the dark? We have you covered with our Cornhole Lights! They mount to the underside of the hole and illuminate both the corn-“hole”, but also allow light to escape from under the boards. This presents you with a nice target at which to throw your Cornhole bags. If you need help moving or storing your Cornhole boards and bags, then consider our Cornhole Carrying Case. It can carry two regulation sized boards (24” x 48”) and the 8 Cornhole bags.

Have more questions about our products? Just ask!

We have a friendly staff here at Cornhole Worldwide and we are willing to take your questions Monday through Friday between 9am and 4pm ET. Please feel free to give us a call at 1-866-833-9942 or email us at

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