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6 Touchdown Tailgating Hacks

6 Touchdown Tailgating Hacks

Tailgating is a time honored American tradition, so why not make it a little easier for yourself? Here are some bona fide and time-tested football tailgating hacks to make game day more touchdown-worthy.

1. Leave the Ice in the Freezer

Don’t use boring old ice to keep your food and drinks cold. Instead come into the future and use plastic water bottles. Just pop a few bottles in the freezer over night then pack them in your cooler come game day. Not only will this chill your snacks, but you will also have fresh cold water to wash down the nachos and hot dogs when the water melts.

2. The Best Way to Serve Drinks

Have you ever tried to walk through a crowd juggling yours, your buddy’s and their buddy’s drinks and end up spilling all over the pavement? Use a simple store-bought metal cupcake pan. The holes are just big enough for standard red solo cups and your cup-carrying potential will surpass to an easy twelve. You will be the life of the party and your friends will thank you for the drinks.

3. Get a Custom Cornhole Set

Along with food and friends, a perfect afternoon of tailgating is not complete without a few games. Sure you could bring a deck of cards, but why not go the extra mile and bring something that will both impress and entertain. A custom cornhole set will bring your tailgating to the next level, guaranteed. Plus Cornhole games are perfect for adults and children alike! Keep the kids entertained and controlled while you kick back and relax. A custom cornhole set is definitely one of the best tailgating hacks and will set you a part from the other tailgating wannabes.

Be the MVP of Your Next Tailgate

Design your very own custom cornhole set just in time for the next big game!

4. Green Dip, Not Brown Dip

Is your mom’s homemade vegan, organic guacamole turning brown under the sun? Well, fear not because there is an easy fix for that. Just use lime. Grab one from your local produce section, slice it up and place the slices on the dip. The lime juice will keep the guacamole from turning brown. Snack on!

5. Mark Your Territory

You want to party with your friends and your friends want to party with you. Find a way to show where your vehicle is. Fly a personalized flag or get some balloons and tie them to your mirror. This way you’ll never lose sight of where your car or truck is and your friends can find you easily.

6. Stock Up on First Aid Kit Essentials

Why wait for the doctor? If someone is injured (and with all that cornhole play, you know it’s inevitable), show off your Boy Scout background with a well-stocked first aid kit. Remember burn cream, bandages, sunblock, antiseptic cream and anything else you might need. Semper Paratus.

Take these tailgating hacks and use them wisely at your next football pre-game. We’ll see you in the parking lot!

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