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Kickstarter’s Most Funded Yard Games

Do you ever want to play something besides your classic backyard game of Cornhole? Its fine, you can admit it; sometimes you need to shake things up! There are a lot of games you can play outdoors in addition to Cornhole. Maybe you are a little burnt out because you have been training to play Cornhole professionally. You probably have done some searching online to see what else is out there in the world of yard games. Not because you’d ever quit Cornhole, but you were just innocently curious. Here’s a list of cool yard games we found on Kickstarter!


This patent-pending original invention is a combination of Cornhole and golf! It starts with a modified Cornhole board, which was turned into a target board by covering it in quality artificial turf and cutting three holes cut into it—1 big center hole, and two smaller holes closer to the edge of the board. The smaller holes are obviously worth more points, but they’re more treacherous to aim for, which adds a new element of challenge that elevates it above your standard round of chipping. Each set includes two target boards, two chipping mats to launch your balls from, and six high-density golf balls, just add your own clubs and you’re all set to play!

CHIPPO had a Kickstarter funding goal of $12,000 and was funded $233,349 by 1230 backers as of March 2, 2017.

Beer Pong Golf

Similar to CHIPPO, Beer Pong Golf takes a Cornhole board and covers it in artificial turf, then cuts holes in it. The biggest difference is that Beer Pong Golf isn’t shy about it’s biggest inspiration: drinking games! Beer Pong Golf sets holes up like a classic game of beer pong, and the holes are intended to be filled with “any standard plastic cup”—you know the one they’re talking about. From there, it’s played like beer pong, except with golf balls instead of ping pong balls, and the balls are launched from a chipping mat instead of bounced off the board. Okay, it’s a lot more like golf than it is like beer pong, but that’s why the creators recommend adding beer. Sounds like fun! Oh, we also have some great heckling tips! We wrote about them for Cornhole, but you can easily use some of them during Beer Pong Golf.

Beer Pong Golf had a Kickstarter a funding goal of $20,000 and was funded $138,274 by 874 backers as of September 19, 2017.


Do you remember those board game kits from the 90s that were “12 Great Games in 1!” including a reversible board and different pieces to play multiple games? BeanBagglz is the same idea, except with games centered around bean bag toss! A portable game board and 33 interchangeable templates, plus 15 beanbags, come together to make 33 different games. Play with friends and family, anywhere and anytime—the only challenge is deciding which of the 33 games you want to play!

BeanBagglz had a Kickstarter funding goal of $10,000 and was funded in 53 minutes, raising a total of $51,569 from 174 backers as of May 27, 2016.

Who knew there were so many things you could do with a little creativity? Speaking of creativity, if Cornhole’s your game (and since you’re reading this blog, we think it is), we can help you get creative with a custom Cornhole game—by putting your personalized design on the board and the bags. Contact us today to request a customized Cornhole board today!

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