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Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 3 Different Types of Dads

Father’s Day is June 16, and it’s coming up fast! You’re going to give your dad something a little more personal than a new tie or a pair of novelty socks, right? If you want to get your dad something thoughtful and personalized, we’ve already done the hard part for you by compiling this definitive list of personalized Father’s Day gift ideas for any kind of dad!

Personalized Father’s Gift Ideas for Different Types of Dads

sports-fan-dadSports Fan Dad

If he loves all sports, or just one a whole lot, he’s a Sports Fan Dad—and as long as there’s something about the sport that you can personalize, you’ll be golden! The list of personalized gifts for Sports Fan Dads is almost endless: a personalized leather baseball for Baseball Dad, a personalized miniature novelty golf set for Golf Dad, a personalized fishing pale for Fishing Dad, cufflinks with Dad’s favorite team’s logo (you get the idea!).

Clearly, the best personalized Father’s Day gift idea for a Sports Fan Dad is a new cornhole board direct from Cornhole Worldwide. We have cornhole boards featuring lots of sports teams ready to ship, and if we don’t have your dad’s favorite team (or if you have something else in mind), we’d love to customize a board just for your Dad!

Mixologist Dad

The Mixologist Dad likes to come home from work and unwind with a classic Old Fashioned—using the whiskey stones you got him, obviously. If you want to upgrade Dad’s whiskey stone collection, gift him a personalized set and he’ll think of you whenever he enjoys a drink! This same idea can be applied to other alcohol-related accessories: glassware, a cocktail bar set, coasters—you can even get personalized signs advertising “Dad’s Bar” to put up in the den!

If he likes beer more than mixed drinks, that’s even easier! Any company that specializes in personalized glassware will have more than a few styles of beer glass available and ready to be engraved with Dad’s name, initials, or a clever reminder of who his favorite kid is! From mugs to steins and pub glasses to pilsner glasses, all of them are improved with a personal touch.

Business Dad

This dad goes out to his job every day and works hard to support his family—some may call him a “workaholic” but we just call him the Business Dad. One of the best things about a Business Dad is frankly how easy it is to get him a personalized Father’s Day gift: if it will live on his desk, it’s a good gift for a Business Dad. Consider things like a fancy personalized pen, a mousepad featuring the names of his children, or a coffee mug with a little more personality than Best Dad Ever (even though that’s probably true!).

If your dad didn’t fit one of these categories, a simple workaround is to personalize anything else he likes. Remember: the only limit to thoughtful personalized Father’s Day gift ideas is your imagination (and whether you can write on whatever you get for him with a Sharpie!).

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