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Find the Right Custom Cornhole Board for You

Cornhole is perfect for any occasion, but what if you had a Cornhole board for every occasion? Owning a custom Cornhole board is like having a blank canvas to express your personality while also sharing the joys of Cornhole with everyone.
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The History of Cornhole and its Current Popularity

The origins of Cornhole are mostly unknown, but we saw this mystery more so as a challenge for us. What we found was nearly 400 years of history, a massive following, and lots of corn. This is the history of Cornhole.
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What Attire to Wear While Playing Cornhole

What exactly does one where while playing Cornhole? With summer quickly approaching, you’re going to want the answer to that question sooner rather than later. Here are a few pointers for you to think of as inspiration when it comes time for you to win in style.
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How to Plan a Legendary BBQ

With warm weather quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning for all of the backyard festivities you plan on having. Save yourself all of the fancy dinner get-ups and special utensils you will only use once and implement some of these fun ideas for your spring/summer backyard BBQ.
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How to Have an Awesome St. Patrick’s Day

We here at Cornhole Worldwide absolutely love St. Patricks Day. Between parades, bar crawls, and…

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Ideas to Keep the Kids Occupied This Spring Break

Spring Break fun ideas for the whole family from Cornhole Worldwide
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