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5 Tailgating Tips For A Fantastic Football Season

5 Tailgating Tips for a Fantastic Football Season

We don’t know which part of football season we like more: the game, or the pre-game before the game. Tailgating is as American as football and hot dogs, and we’ve rounded up the best tailgating tips we could find to make sure your tailgate party is the best!

How to Have an Awesome Tailgating Party

You probably already know how to throw an awesome tailgating extravaganza. But just in case you need a little help planning your party, here are our tips to for you!

Plan Ahead

If you only use one tailgating tip we give you, it should be this one. Make sure you plan ahead. Would you rather be standing by your grill and hurriedly preparing food while your friends stand around awkwardly waiting to eat, or would you rather do all that stuff the night before put everything into an organized cooler? Yeah, we thought so. Planning ahead doesn’t just pertain to the food though; make sure your vehicle is packed with everything you need before you leave grill, beer, games, etc. Also, make sure you have your tickets before you pull out of your driveway.

Setting Up

Tailgating space is at a premium, so get there early and stake out your spot. Try to get a spot near public restrooms, for convenience, and tie some balloons to your truck’s antenna, so your friends who drove separately can find you. Set up a canopy to cover the food, both to keep it out of direct sunlight and in case bad weather comes around. Take enough folding chairs for everyone. Bring a wireless speaker for music, or in a pinch, drop your phone in an empty cup to amplify the sound.


For tailgating, we encourage DIY whenever possible. Set your table up buffet-style, with a topping and condiment station for hamburgers and hot dogs; or try a taco bar, or a breakfast bar, or a chili bar or a nacho bar, or… you know what? We think you get it.

Our rule is: if it can be grilled, you should be grilling it. So throw your burger buns and veggies on the grill for extra flavor.

When the temperature drops in the fall, you can become hugely popular at a tailgate by bringing warm drinks. Think jumbo thermoses filled with hot chocolate, coffee, apple cider, even soup. If it’s warm, the people will love you.


Since tailgating is an all-day commitment, it makes sense to have plans besides eating, listening to music and telling fans of the other team why your team is better. Any portable outdoor games are welcome. You can go simple with a deck of cards, frisbees, and a football, or you can impress your friends with a custom Cornhole board and bags in your team’s colors! Playing Cornhole is classic backyard fun, and what’s tailgating if it’s not turning the parking lot into your own backyard?


Things you should take with you, just in case: bottle openers (many are better than one, cheap ones work just fine), corkscrew, duct tape, a permanent marker and masking tape (for labeling), bungee cords, paper towels, sunscreen (people will forget this, so bring extra), plastic bags, and a first aid kit.

Tailgating can be fun for the whole family, or just for the grown-ups. Either way, we hope you can have the best tailgating party ever by following our tailgating tips!

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