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6 Birthday Gifts For Your Brother That Don’t Suck

When it’s your brother’s birthday, you want to get him something special. And most importantly, you want to get him something that doesn’t suck. It sounds obvious and pretty easy but anyone who has tried buying gifts for men before knows that it’s not quite as easy as it sounds. Luckily, there are still lots of very cool gift ideas out there, as long as you’re willing to look in the right places. To help you out, we’ve compiled a short list of birthday gifts for your brother that he will actually enjoy.

Whiskey Stones

whiskey-stones-in-glassIf your brother is a whiskey drinker, and he doesn’t already have whiskey stones, prepare to change his life. They’re great because they keep their drink cold without diluting the drink with water the way ice does. They come in a range of creative designs, like skulls, baseballs, bullets and more. Whiskey stones could possibly be the perfect gift for a brother who loves booze.

Cornhole Boards

Cornhole boards are great for if your brother is active, but not too active. They are fun for anyone at any age during the summer months when everyone’s outside and enjoying the weather together. If your brother is a fan of tailgating, he probably is already familiar with the game. Get him his own board with graphics showing his team pride that he can take with him when he heads to the big game.

Portable Solar Cooker

A portable solar cooker is perfect for someone who enjoys camping trips and wants to be more eco-conscious. The cooker is, you guessed it, powered by the sun. This means that there is no need to haul charcoal, wood or anything else around to cook up some good foot at the campsite. They can bake, steam, roast or saute depending on the needs of the user; they’re pretty impressive all the way around.

Brewery Tour

Is your brother a craft beer fanatic? Why not gift him an experience where he can go see how it is made? A brewery tour may just be one of the best birthday gifts for your brother. Chances are there is a craft brewery in your city that he is obsessed with that offers tours of their facility. The most beautiful part of this gift, he gets to drink beer while he is there and you can go with him!

Celestron Backpack Eclipse Telescope

The Celestron Backpack Eclipse Telescope is great for anyone who is cosmos-obsessed. If your brother has always been fascinated by what lies outside our own atmosphere, this is the very best gift for him. It’s small and really easy to transport from place to place and it is pretty budget-friendly for a telescope.

Make His Favorite Dessert

This gift comes from the heart and absolutely does not suck. If your brother lives near you, why not whip up his favorite dessert and take it over to his place? Even if you aren’t the best baker in the world, do some research, look up some recipes, watch a few youtube videos, and you will be fine. If it ends up being a complete disaster, you can always just pick up the dessert from a bakery.

So, if you’re stuck for what to buy your brother at his next birthday, hopefully, these ideas will have given you some inspiration. As long as you’re willing to think creatively and choose something beyond the boring things that he gets every year, your gift will be sure to go down a treat.

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