Fun Friday Activities to Start Off Your Weekend with Some Excitement!


Fun Friday Activities to Start Off Your Weekend with Some Excitement!

It’s easy to fall into the same routine over and over, especially during these weird times. At Cornhole Worldwide, we’ve been looking for ways to improve our time at home, starting with fun activities to do on a Friday night. 

Lucky you, we’ve decided to share our master list of the best ideas we could come up with—and all of them can be modified to work for families, couples, and singles!

Low Key Hangouts

Neighborhood Bingo

Make a list of things you think you can find around your neighborhood, put the items from the list onto Bingo cards, then walk or drive around the neighborhood until you get a Bingo. 

This works best if you have at least three to six players, and parents can trade off driving duties so both get a chance to try for a Bingo! 

Some Bingo ideas to get you started: an unshoveled walk, Christmas tree still up, blue trim, a green house, a white car, toys in the yard, a snowman, and, of course, the ever-popular free space.

Snow Art

Fill up a few water guns and add some food coloring or do the same thing with a few dozen water balloons. Then go outside and write your name in the snow! 

Whether you choose to paint an original work of art or imitate the masters (think Van Goh’s Starry Night or really anything by Jackson Pollack), this is a fun and creative way to have fun on a Friday afternoon.

If you’re looking for an extra challenge, make a snowman or other snow creature, and then decorate it with the colored water instead of the usual decorations.

Virtual Vacation

If the lockdown is getting you down, try going on a virtual vacation. Lots of large museums, aquariums, and other attractions have a website that hosts virtual versions of their exhibits. 

If wandering around a new city or town appeals to you, try using Google Street View to explore new places, or find a walking tour on YouTube for your dream destination!

Spa Night

Start the weekend off right with some fun Friday night self-care. From face masks to bubble baths to sugar scrubs to at-home pedicures, this activity is great for couples, singles, friends, or roommates. 

Upgrade your experience with candles, sparkling wine or cider, a cup of tea or hot cocoa, and some calming music or a guided meditation track. Customize your night to be whatever self-care means to you.

Make Something

Photo Shoot

Believe it or not, selfies can be a form of self-care. The more elaborate the better! Consider options like matching clothes or costumes, fun hats or headbands, props, and different lighting situations.

family-photo-shootThis can be a “new year, new me” picture to compare to updates you’ll take throughout the year or something less serious and just for fun. 

If last year got away from you and you never got around to taking a yearly family photo, it’s not too late! If you have young kids, get their ideas for staging photos, and try to make them happen.

Follow a New Recipe

Cooking a nourishing meal for yourself can be fun and satisfying—yes, even on a Friday night! Find a new recipe or ask a family member or friend to send you one you’ve always wanted to add to your recipe collection. 

Then plan your shopping for the week, so you’ll have the ingredients you need to try it out on Friday night. Kids or housemates can help by prepping or measuring ingredients (if that’s too much, they can be given the all-important task of stirring or setting the timer).

Time Capsule

If you’re looking for the fun Friday night activity that will last the longest and have the biggest payoff, it’s probably a time capsule. Get a shoebox, then collect small items that have meaning for you. 

Pictures of important events, stories you want to remember—pretty much anything that will fit in the shoebox and won’t ruin your life if it goes missing is fair game. 

Decide on a future date, seal the box with some heavy-duty tape, and hide it in the back of a closet or other area you don’t go to often. 

Set up a notification on your phone for the date you picked reminding you where the time capsule is hidden, then open it up and look at what you wanted to remember!

Winner Winner!

Craft Drinks

Boozy or virgin, mixing drinks can be a fun way to unwind at the end of the week. If you’re an adult doing the boozy version, get together with some friends over video conference and share drink recipes and snack pairings. 

If you’re doing this with kids, turn it into a contest by putting all the ingredients on the counter and inventing a new drink. Then have everyone try some and decide whose is best—or worst!

Just imagine it! Carrot juice, milk, cinnamon, and sugar? Grape juice, Coke, pickle juice, seltzer, and a wedge of lime? The options are limitless (and in some cases horrifying!).

Dancy Party

Get everyone into a room that has a lot of floor space, put on some music with a beat, and dance it out. Even if you had a stressful week, it’s hard to be stressed when you’re dancing!

family-dance-partyThis is also a good way to incorporate some physical activity into your evening. It releases endorphins, improves mood, and results in better sleep. 

If you have kids, make it a contest to see who can dance for the longest (Bonus Your little ones are sure to sleep through the night after that!).

Game Night

Whether your heart belongs to board games, tabletop role-playing games, or (the correct answer) Cornhole, nothing kicks the weekend off right like playing a fun game with your family, significant other, or roommates. 

If there’s no one in the house to play with, check out virtual options of your favorite games or practice by yourself and upgrade your Cornhole skills!

Of course, the best way to spend your Friday night is by ordering your very own custom Cornhole board and matching bags. Or, you can check out our themed sets. Whichever fun Friday idea you choose, have fun and stay safe!

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