7 Fun Labor Day Activities to Celebrate the Long Weekend!


7 Fun Labor Day Activities to Celebrate the Long Weekend!

Celebrated on the first Monday of September, Labor Day has been a federal holiday since 1894, when it was established to commemorate the sacrifices of the early labor movement in the late 19th century that fought to establish many of the basic labor laws we take for granted today. Since it’s also the last three-day weekend of summer, it’s a great opportunity to escape from your school and work responsibilities for one last long weekend before the summer fun is done!

Celebrate the Way the Founders of the Holiday Intended

This is an American holiday celebrating the freedoms gained by everyday working people, so the best way to celebrate their legacy is by using that freedom to not do any work! No bringing home nonessential work from the office, no physical labor spent on home improvement projects (those can wait until next spring!), and no chores.

Stay home and spend time with your loved ones catching up on the shows you’ve been meaning to watch—and take a moment to remember you can do that because of the efforts of the early labor movement.

Road Trip!

A three-day weekend is the perfect length of time for a road trip: it’s like a day trip, plus two more days! Plan ahead with the whole family to choose something super cool and fun that’s within driving distance, get everyone’s favorite road trip snacks and drinks, choose at least one restaurant that’s either new to you or one you don’t visit often, and book the hotel in advance for zero hassle when you get to your destination.

Kids of all ages can avoid backseat boredom by playing navigator and tracking the car along your Google Maps route on a phone or tablet. They can watch out for slow-traffic roads to avoid, upcoming restaurants or roadside attractions to visit, and check reports submitted by other drivers to give a heads up about accidents, speed traps, and other helpful information.

Classic Road Trip Destinations for Labor Day

  • Museum
  • Water Park
  • Amusement Park
  • Adventure Park
  • Beach
  • Drive-In Movie Theater
  • Visit Family

Camp Out

Another summer activity to do one more time before the end of summer, camping is a great way to spend some quality time with family or friends and celebrate Labor Day. Whether you prefer to rent a cabin in the woods or pitch a tent near the beach, going on a camp out is the perfect way to unplug (your phone) and recharge (yourself) for a couple of distraction-free days in the great outdoors.

If you’re in an area without cell or internet service, put your phone in airplane mode until you’re back in civilization so the battery won’t run down trying to find a signal, and take an extra battery pack or three just in case. Don’t forget the hot dogs and s’mores fixings so you can cook your food at the bonfire!

Remember: Before lighting or burning any fires, check with your local forest service about any applicable regulations, and make sure your fire is fully extinguished before you leave it unattended.

Go Shopping

Support the small businesses in your local economy by shopping local on Labor Day! Rather than being closed, most stores will be open and giving some serious sales. 

While this seems counterintuitive, since Labor Day is supposed to be a holiday celebrating the efforts of everyday working people, we’re not going to argue with deep discounts on mattresses, electronics, patio furniture, appliances, school supplies, and so much more! If there’s a new grill you’ve been eyeing all summer long, now’s the time to finally bring it home and get cooking.

Backyard Games Tournament

If you’re staying home for the long Labor Day weekend but still want to get the kids (or yourself!) outside to get some of the last of that summer fresh air and sunshine, host a backyard games tournament. Go find your horseshoes, your volleyball and net, your giant yard games, and your Cornhole set! Choose one or more (or all!) and set them up in the yard, then pick teams and start playing.

You can take a more casual approach where you invite some friends over for fun and games while you have a few drinks and snacks; or take a more structured approach with designated teams, a bracket to keep track of winners, and a head-to-head all-against-all grudge match to decide once and for all who’s the best at all the games!

Tip: Don’t try to do everything yourself! Share the planning duties with friends and you can easily put together a full tourney—complete with food and drinks—that will take you through the whole three-day weekend!

One Last White Party: A Neighborhood Legend in the Making

According to people who know more about fashion than us, you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day—so make the most of it and host a white party! What’s a white party? Well, the answer is in the name: it’s a party where the main decorations, the dress code, and even some of the food (we recommend a candy buffet or make-your-own sundae bar!) is white.

Some white parties go on for several days, which is the approach we recommend: if you want to go all-out for this blow-out, coordinate with the rest of your neighborhood and make a plan to party all Labor Day Weekend long!

Friday night: Screen a movie in the backyard with a mini movie projector, the blank side of a house, some lawn chairs, movie snacks, friends, and family.

Saturday: Backyard dance party. All white dress code. Songs of the summer. Let’s see your moves!

Sunday: Block party barbeque. All your faves, from cookout classics to the best backyard games (don’t forget to dress your Cornhole board for the occasion with one of our high-quality vinyl Cornhole wraps!).

Labor Day Monday: We recommend a pool party to close out the season!

Decorate for Fall

Looking forward to fall tailgating season? Us too! If you’re looking for a more lowkey weekend than the other activities we’ve suggested, how about getting a jump on the changing weather and refreshing your seasonal outdoor décor?

Swap out the bright summer colors for something more autumnal: pumpkins, wreaths and harvest-themed novelties are all mandatory to usher in the cooler weather. Daydreaming about the perfect picks for your fantasy football league is the obvious next step!

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