How to Have the Best Block Party EVER!


How to Have the Best Block Party EVER!

At Cornhole Worldwide, we know how trying to put together a good block party can be stressful, but we want to challenge you to have more than just a good block party—we want you to have the best block party EVER and we’ve got a whole list of block party ideas right here to get you started!

It’s Block Party Time! Here is How to Throw a Great Neighborhood Bash

Provide Food That Does Well Outdoors

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned potato salad made from great aunt Sadie’s secret family recipe, but food served at a block party should be things that keep well in the heat and are easy to eat, so save that family recipe for the next birthday bash. Block party food means chips and dip, veggies and dip, pretty much anything and dip is an easy option (keep the containers of dip in a cooler full of ice to keep them cold). Almost as obligatory as the chips and dip situation is barbeque. It doesn’t matter what you grill—thick, juicy burgers; cheddar-stuffed bratwurst; tasty, marinated chicken; portobello steaks or other grillable veggies like zucchini and potatoes—the important part is making sure the grillmaster is up to the challenge! Click here for some killer block party recipes.

friends-enjoying-beerHave Plenty of Tasty Drinks

Beer is good, and local beer is even better! Pick up some of your favorite IPA from a local brewery—or choose a darker brew that’s supposed to be served at room temperature, then you don’t have to bother even trying to fight the heat. Sparkling water with a twist of citrus is delicious and refreshing. Mix up a fun bowl of punch for the kids by combining one container of fruit punch, one 2 liter bottle of Sprite or 7Up. To serve, put a scoop of vanilla ice cream into cups and pour the sparkling punch over the ice cream. Yum!

Bring the Fun with Adult- and Kid-Friendly Games

When it comes to party games, we’ll admit we’re a teeny tiny little bit biased but even so, we believe that any reasonable person would agree cornhole is objectively the best block party game that ever was and ever will be. If you need a game to play while you’re waiting for your turn to come up in the neighborhood block party cornhole tournament, consider anything that’s fun and has minimal equipment, with rules that are easy to explain to new players. Frisbee is a great choice—and so are any of the classic outdoor games we covered in our last post. Another fun option (for the adults) is beer pong: set up those cups and find out who the champion is—and then find out if that champion can play a good game of cornhole after playing beer pong!

Don’t Forget the Music

The most bumping block parties always have a cool playlist. When you’re choosing what to put on the speakers, think about your friends’ favorite songs and try to find something everyone will enjoy. A little bit of country, a little rock, a little pop, a little electronic music towards the end of the evening—and make sure to include “Baby Shark” if you want to make sure to impress the 5 and under crowd.

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