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Outdoor Drinking Games to Play this Summer

The only thing more fun than an outdoor game is an outdoor drinking game, so we made a list of five of our very most favorite to get you started this summer!

The Best Outdoor Drinking Games to Play this Summer


We at Cornhole Worldwide would like to go on record saying that cornhole is the most fun outdoor drinking game you could ever play and if you have a choice, you should always choose cornhole. We realize however that sometimes the option isn’t available, in which case these other games are also pretty fun to play outside while drinking.

Flip Cup

flip-cup-tableIt’s not technically an outdoor drinking game but it is a drinking game that can be played outdoors! Anywhere that has a table can be the setting for a game of Flip Cup, so if there’s a picnic table in your yard, you’re in luck! Two teams, an equal number of players, the playing field is a table with two lines of plastic cups filled with an equal amount of beer. The first member of each team drinks the first beer, then places the cup at the edge of the table and attempts to flick the cup into the air and land facedown on the table. Once the cup is landed correctly, it’s the next team member’s turn. The winning team is the team who finishes their line of beers and correctly flips their cups first.

Giant Quarters

This variation on a classic drinking game is more fun for outdoors than regular sized Quarters and you also don’t risk losing your quarters in the grass when they inevitably go flying off course! Instead of the shot glasses, use small garbage cans or five gallon buckets and instead of the quarters, use basketballs or volleyballs. Then it’s just like regular sized Quarters: you bounce the ball off the ground and try to land it in the bucket, if you make it in your opponent takes a drink.

Egg Roulette

Probably the easiest game to organize, as long as you have a carton of eggs in your fridge, Egg Roulette can be played by any number of players and it takes an equal number of eggs per player. Divide the total eggs into the number of rounds you’ll be playing and make sure to boil all the eggs in the round except for one. During each round, all players choose an egg and smash it into their heads: the loser is the person with egg on their face! Normally, drinking games make the loser drink but this one is honestly a lot more fun if the winners have to drink before moving on to the next round!


This is an old game, similar to cornhole since you’re trying to toss something into a hole, except instead of a cornhole board you use a tin can and instead of cornhole bags, you use washers. It’s a game that’s good for smaller yards that can’t accommodate a full-sized cornhole set and can even be played on top of a picnic table. No need to have someone hold your beer, you can easily play Washers single-handed.

These five outdoor drinking games are only the beginning of summer, and any venue that has both 1) outdoor games and 2) drinking is a new opportunity to discover more!


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