How to Have Fun while You Practice Social Distancing

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How to Have Fun while You Practice Social Distancing

With the pandemic still advancing and the closest we have to a cure still in the testing stage, everyone is asked to do their part in ensuring the public’s health and safety. As such, social distancing is still required outside, especially in crowded areas like the supermarket.

Being a responsible member of society doesn’t mean you can no longer do fun things. It also doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. As the world continues to adjust to the new normal, people are finding ways to keep themselves entertained with each other while keeping a safe distance. But this can only be successful if you know how to practice good social distancing.

What is Social Distancing?

Social distancing, otherwise known as physical distancing, is the practice of keeping a safe distance between you and people who are not part of your household. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests six feet of distance between each person in indoor and outdoor spaces. This is essential in preventing the continued spread of the virus.

Research has found that COVID-19 spreads through close contact. It often occurs when an infected person talks, coughs, or sneezes, and the droplets land on people nearby. The rate of transmission is also high with asymptomatic people. Medical professionals around the globe have encouraged everyone to act as if they are sick to practice precaution wherever they go.

Having Fun while Social Distancing

Practicing social distancing doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself from people. There are plenty of ways you can have fun while keeping a safe distance away from each other. It’s just a matter of adjusting to the current situation.

Have a cornhole match.cornhole matchCornhole is a popular game that is typically played at tailgates, birthday parties, and backyard barbecues. It is a simple bag toss game where teams compete to score the highest points. They do so by throwing small weighted bags onto a cornhole board. A point is given to every bag that falls on the board, while three points are awarded to those that fall through the hole in the board. Each player takes alternating tosses until all bags have been thrown. Cornhole is a fun outdoor activity that lets you hang out with family and friends while practicing social distancing.

Safety Tip: Give each player their own set of weighted bags to prevent transmission through contaminated surfaces.

Play with a tumbling tower.

Tumbling tower is a game that challenges your physical dexterity and mental ability. Players take turns removing blocks one at a time before placing these at the very top. The aim is to remove and add blocks without causing the tower to topple. The player who causes the tower to topple over is declared the loser. Although it seems simple, the game is known to last a long period as players take their time strategizing their next move.

Safety Tip: Have players use a pair of chopsticks to remove each block to prevent them from touching the tower directly.

Hold a miniature golf tournament.

Miniature golf is another option for a fun activity that’s possible with social distancing. There are several guides online on how to build a temporary mini-golf course in your backyard. You can use items around the house to frame the course and to build different obstacles. Be as creative as you want with your golf course to make the tournament interesting. Have your guests compete with each other on who can get a hole in one with as few swings as possible.

Safety Tip: Give each player their mini golf club and golf ball to keep them from sharing.

Social Distancing with Other People

You can still meet up with family and friends while practicing social distancing. There are several activities you can still enjoy as a group without putting each other at risk. It’s only a matter of following the CDC’s suggested distance and other preventive measures.

Wear a cloth face covering.

putting a face mask on kidIn addition to keeping a safe distance, you will need to wear a cloth face covering when you’re with people outside of your household. This is to prevent respiratory droplets from landing on them or the surrounding surfaces. With surgical masks and respirators considered as critical supplies for healthcare workers, the CDC suggests that you use handkerchiefs, bandannas, or washable cloth face masks.

Keep your distance at gatherings.

Although it is still risky to hold large gatherings, you can meet up with a few of the family and friends outside your household. Keep a safe distance away from each other and keep your face covering on at all times for everyone’s health and safety. If you’re having people over, consider placing markers on the floor to indicate how much distance is required between each other.

Limit contact with each other.

Keep each other safe by limiting contact with each other. Choose to hold small gatherings on your stoop or backyard. This gives you enough space to practice social distancing while preventing others from entering your home. In addition to this, consider rescheduling those hugs for after the situation improves. While this might seem cold and impersonal, it is necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Choose safe activities.

As mentioned, there are several activities you can enjoy without breaking social distancing guidelines. If you are still worried, choose to take it one step at a time. Start with a driveway gathering where you can chat with each other face to face. Then, move on to other activities, such as those listed in the previous section. As long as you keep six feet of space between each other, you are working to prevent transmissions.

Social Distancing with Cornhole Worldwide

Cornhole Worldwide understands people’s need for socializing. We are doing our part in supporting the CDC’s preventive measures by providing options that are in line with social distancing guidelines. Our selection of premade cornhole sets is available online. You also have the option to order a personalized set for a custom design. Simply choose the set you want and have it shipped to your address.

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