11 Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day with Friends


11 Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day with Friends

We’re getting ready for Spring and looking forward to all those rainy days! Why are we looking forward to the rain? Because there are so many fun things to do with friends on rainy days! Here are some of our favorite rainy day activities.

1. Learn a New Recipe

No matter your skill level, there’s always something new to learn!

Maybe one of your friends has a recipe everyone has wanted to learn, or maybe there’s a cooking show you all like to watch together. Either way, a rainy day is the best time to make it happen.

Choose the recipe, get the ingredients, get your friends together and get going! You can pick one recipe to make together, or you can choose a meal and have each person pick a main or side to make on their own. If you want to get really crazy, you can have a bakeoff!

2. Get Organized

Host an organizing party by having everyone meet up on Zoom or FaceTime, each person chooses a room, and then you all talk through your organizational strategies while cleaning out your closets or tidying the kitchen!

Alternatively, everyone can meet at someone’s house and work through organizing one room.

3. Get Fit

There are tons of classes online (and on YouTube) that will teach you new ways to work on your fitness. Taking classes with friends lets you try new things together, and it also lets you try something out that you might not have thought to try on your own.

Yoga, Zoomba, Aerobics, strength training—all are good ways to get moving. Wind down with a healthy snack in your kitchen and talk with friends about what they liked and what they didn’t. Are they going to keep doing the activity you chose or try something new? 

4. Have a Movie Marathon

When was the last time you watched an entire movie franchise in one day? Well, a rainy day is a perfect excuse to binge The Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, or John Wick.

movie-nightThe movies you watch don’t even have to be part of a series. Pair up action movies set during Christmas like Die Hard and The Long Kiss Goodnight or zombie comedies like Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, and Little Monsters.

Bonus! Choose a theme and have each of your friends choose a movie. Don’t tell each other what the movie is until the actual movie night for an extra element of surprise!

5. Drink and Play Games

If there’s a barcade near you, like Dave & Busters, or a bowling alley that serves decent beer, this one’s sorted out as fast as you can get your friends in the car!

If you’re doing the home version, all it takes is a little planning. Set up your cornhole board in the basement or the garage, along with other yard games like Tumbling Tower or Giant 4 In-A-Row!

You can also play board games or put together a huge puzzle on the floor. Have your friends bring over the beer, since you’re hosting the games!

6. Go to the Mall

Remember when the mall was the coolest place you could ever think to be? Take a nostalgic trip to the place your inner teenagers long to go to! Get a smoothie and a jumbo pretzel-dog, go shopping, or just people-watch for a while.

7. Try a Local Restaurant or Brewery

hanging-out-at-a-barShow your favorite local lunch or dinner spot some love and meet up with friends for dine-in or carry-out! Whether you go for giant burgers or giant nachos, pale ales, pilsners, sours, or stouts, the real friends were the friends you made along the way.

8. Plan a Dream Vacation

One way to take your mind off being forced to stay indoors is to make plans for what you’ll do once you can get out! Get together with the group of friends you’ve always wanted to go somewhere with and figure out the details to make it happen.

Decide exactly where you want to go, research the hotels, activities, and local food, set a budget, and figure out how long it will take to save up the money you’ll need.

Bonus! Have themed snacks during the planning session! If you’re planning a trip to the Southwest, have tacos and margaritas. If you want to go to Disney, find a recipe for DIY Dole Whip. Ski trip in your future? Sounds like the perfect excuse to make hot chocolate.

9. Day Trip Road Trip

If you’re less interested in planning and more interested in doing, road trips are one type of vacation that can be fun even in the rain. Have your friend with the best taste in music put together a playlist, pick a destination that’s far but not too far, load up on snacks, and get going!

Plan things out so you’ll have enough time to see the sights—choose something that’s indoors or drive a few hours to somewhere that’s having better weather—and still get home before bedtime.

10. Video Game Tournament

Whether you do it old school and play with your friends on the living room couch or meet up online and chat via Discord, there’s no better time to have a video game tournament than on a rainy day.

playing-video-gamesCompete with classics like Tetris, Mario Kart, or Call of Duty, or go with a newer game like Fortnite, Apex Legends, or Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout!

You can also go less competitive/more collaborative with games like Among Us, Don’t Starve Together, or Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. Whichever you choose, make sure to have drinks and snacks on hand!

11. Go for a Walk

Yes, in the rain! Put on your raincoat and boots and take a walk with friends around the neighborhood. Remember what it was like to be a kid and step in all the puddles, then come in from the cold into a cozy house and make some hot chocolate to warm up.

Winter is on its way out and spring is coming! Cold Spring isn’t as dreary when you’ve got friends to spend the rainy days with, and we hope you’ll use some of our fun ideas while we all wait for Summer—or, as we like to call it, cornhole season!

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