How to Add Personality to Your Room


How to Add Personality to Your Room

One of the best parts of being an adult is finally being free to decorate your room—and maybe even an entire house—in a way that expresses your personality. Much like He-Man, you have the power … to choose your own color scheme, your furniture, your décor, and everything else within the four walls that call your own!

But with that power comes the realization that expressing your personality means more than taping a few posters to the wall and getting the best color sheets. Suddenly the room that was supposed to be your room seems a little lackluster. Don’t worry, Cornhole Worldwide is here to the rescue! We’ve put together our best tips to make your room feel more like you!

Change Up the Color

One of the best ways to make a room feel like an all new space is by painting it. Choose your favorite color, or the color you like best on walls, because sometimes these are two very different colors!

Paint an Accent Wall

If you’re looking for the project that will add the most personality to an otherwise bland space, this is the way to go! Whether you want an accent wall that’s all one color, a mural of your favorite thing, or a wall that incorporates other décor, it’s sure to make your room feel like you.

Decorate the Back of Your Shelves

If you want a pop of color with a little less work, try adding contrast to the back or edges of your shelves! This can be done by staining, painting, or using contact paper; and it works for both shelving that’s built into the walls or added shelving like bookshelves.

Organizational Elements

We were just talking about shelves, which are a great way to both add personality to your room and keep your room organized! You can find something made of wood or go industrial with metal and glass. Beyond shelves, there are tons of furniture options that have storage built in, like ottomans.


Never underestimate the lighting, good or bad. We’re not saying to do electrical work (unless you want to), but even something as simple as adding a bright overhead lamp or finding a unique desk lamp will change the look of your room for the better!

Posters, Photos, and Art—Oh My!

If you want the posters on your wall to look better, a quick upgrade is to frame them—and then maybe add more posters! The same thing is true with photos and art, the more the merrier, and it all adds up to a visual style that lays out makes you tick!

Inspiration Boards

What do you want to be when you grow up? We don’t ask this question anymore because we make cornhole boards and that’s, objectively, living the dream—but if you have some big-picture goals in mind, show them off! Decorate a bulletin board with pictures and plans, and once you do it, turn the inspiration board into an accomplishment board! 

Update the Floor

Is it time for new carpeting? Or maybe time for a new rug? Floors take up a lot of space, and that’s a lot of space most of us aren’t utilizing all that much when it comes to adding personality. Make a change and discover the element you need to pull the whole room together!

Invest in Good Quality Furniture

Did anyone else’s dad say to never go cheap on something that gets between you and the ground? Everyone’s dad? Is that just a dad thing to say? It’s good advice worth paying attention to when it comes to your bed, chairs, basically all furniture. And better quality will last longer, so make an investment in your personality now and in the future!

Or Move the Furniture Around

Now that you have some new pieces you’ve invested in—or if you’re just looking to change things up—take a look at your room and think about where you really want everything to be, what you want to use different sections of the room for, and where it makes sense for everything to go to let you do that.

Space for Activities

Whatever hobby you have that takes up the majority of your free time should obviously have a place of honor in your room. If you like to read, that might be a cozy reading nook. If you’re an audiophile, it’s probably a vinyl player and some nice headphones next to a comfy chair. Think about how to make a dedicated space for what you’re into!


Whether you’re into video games, ten-million-piece puzzles, or board games, that’s a part of your personality that you should let shine! Hardcore gamers and casuals alike can set up a screen with better than average graphics and speakers, puzzle people can use a card table or the floor to practice their hobby, and board game fanatics can clear off a space to both play and display their favorites.

Cornhole (Hear Us Out!)

When we said ‘display your board games on a shelf,’ you were thinking “Yeah, that sounds pretty cool, actually!” And now we’re saying that if you’re into that idea, and you’re into Cornhole—and why would you be reading this if you aren’t?!—then you should give some serious consideration to leaning your custom-designed Cornhole board up against a wall. Or, if you have enough room, why not set up a Cornhole game in your activity zone? It only makes sense!

Clean and Tidy

Remember, trends may come and go, but one thing that will never look dated is a room that expresses your personality without dust and clutter pulling focus! When you go to the trouble of making changes in your life, always give some thought to how you’re going to maintain those changes over time—as your personality changes, continue to change your style, and add personality to everything you do!

There you have it! Those are our best tips to add personality to your room. Did we leave out any of your most cherished possessions that express who you are? What are your favorite ways to make a room your own? Let us know in the comments, and contact us today to get started collaborating on a custom cornhole board to add some personality to your next backyard barbeque!

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