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7 New Years Eve Games That Don’t Suck

New Years Eve is known for champagne swigging and celebrations, but it’s also known for inflated drink prices, difficulty getting a babysitter, and general debauchery.  There are plenty of options beyond getting as drunk as possible and spending that holiday cash you just got on NYE. We have highlighted 10 New Years Eve games that you can play at a party.

Before you keep reading, these games are geared towards adults, without being prohibitively adult in their content and are best played with great people and a drink in hand!

If you are hosting a party, make sure you have non-alcoholic options available so everyone can have a good time!

1. Two Resolutions and a Lie


If it wasn’t obvious, Two Resolutions and a Lie is based on the traditional True Truths and a Lie game. Every guest presents three of their New Year resolutions. Two of these resolutions are true, and one is a lie. The rest of the guests attempt to determine which ones are true.

You can hand out scorecards and give a point to every guest that guesses the correct answer, with a bonus point to the guests that fool the most people. The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the game.

You can make it a drinking game by having everyone who guesses the lie incorrectly take a drink!

2. Resolution Guess

This is another game that centers around New Year’s resolutions.

Resolutions are often broken before the 4th or 5th of January, but they can lead to some positive changes. People are more likely to stick to their resolutions if they tell others and that is what this game is all about.

As your guests arrive, have them write down one of their resolutions on a piece of paper and a number that they won’t forget.

As you read the resolutions, have your guests guess who the resolution belongs to, and award them a point for each correct answer. The player with the most points at the end of the night wins.

The prize could be bragging rights, a bottle of champagne, a funny gift, etc – it really doesn’t matter what the prize is as long as everyone has fun!

3. Cornhole

Cornhole is a classic game that you already know we are super passionate about! Cornhole may not be a traditional New Year’s Eve game, but we want that to change!

If you really want to impress, get a customized cornhole board that is on theme or says something hilarious and wait for the compliments to start flowing in.

If you aren’t familiar with cornhole, the game is easy to play – here are the rules. You really just need a little space and some competitive spirit!

4. The Champagne Race

champagne-and-sparklersDespite the name, this game doesn’t involve running. Fill a bowl with champagne and put it in the center of a table. Then give each player a glass and a teaspoon.

The goal is for each player to fill their glass with champagne using only the teaspoon. If you want to make it a little more tricky, they can try to fill the glass with the teaspoon in their mouths.

The guests can, if they wish, drink whatever champagne they managed to transport to their glass at the end of the game.

Is this game a little messy? Yes. Is this game a whole lot of fun? Also, yes.

5. Pass The Hat

This game is extremely hilarious and you literally just need a hat – ideally a fancy top hat if you have one, but a cardboard NYE had will also work.

Stand in a circle and place a party hat on anyone. The name of the game is for every player to pass the hat to the next person, without using their hands.

If a player drops the hat on the floor or uses their hands, they have to leave the circle. You keep passing the hat around the circle until there is only one person left. They will be wearing the hat and crowned the winner.

6. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity requires a small investment but is a favorite at parties. Most people have at least heard of it, if not played it, and there’s a very good chance one of your guests will have the base pack if not the expansions to go with it.

Every player receives 10 white answer cards, and each player takes a turn reading a black question card.

Players play their funniest white answer card and the black card player chooses their favorite answer. The person that played that card wins the round.

Keep playing until the party is over or until all of the cards have been used.

7. Highlights Of The Year

This is a great ice breaker and can lead to some funny stories at the end of the night when people have loosened up a little more.

The host pulls questions out of a hat and every player has to give their honest answer or as honest an answer as they’re willing to give.

Questions can range from the most embarrassing thing you did this year to your greatest achievement.

Are there any games you enjoy playing on NYE? Let us know in the comments below!

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