Keep Quarantine Boredom at Bay With These Exciting Activities


Keep Quarantine Boredom at Bay With These Exciting Activities

Before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there would have been nothing worse than spending your entire spring and summer stuck inside the house. But now, more than the boredom and cabin fever you might be feeling, going out and interacting with other people is worse because you will increase your risk of contracting COVID-19 and transmitting the disease to others.

Still, there’s no denying that boredom sucks. But just because you’re being responsible by staying at home as much as possible and keeping away from people when you’re outside doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. In fact, now more than ever, it’s important to find stimulation from doing different things to keep your physical and mental health intact.

Fortunately, plenty of things provide entertainment and keep boredom at bay without requiring you to venture past your driveway. From mindless fun to something productive, take a look at some of the things you can do to alleviate your boredom in quarantine:

1. Film “A Day in the Life” Videos

This pandemic is, hopefully, a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so you might want to record what quarantine life has been like. Maybe you can take a one-second video of yourself or your plants every day and see how you change. Maybe you can film new routes you’re taking on your socially-distanced morning runs. Or maybe you want to record how you typically spend your day. Once the pandemic is over, you might get a laugh looking back on the times you were wearing pajama pants on a Zoom meeting with your boss.

2. Learn new recipes

If you’ve always wanted something unique and truly yours to bring to your parents during Thanksgiving, all your free time may come in handy for learning a new recipe. Order every ingredient you need or make sure you get them during your grocery run then start cooking. You can follow recipes online then tweak them to fit your tastes. Have your family or whoever you’re quarantined with do the taste testing for you and try until you perfect the recipe.

3. Have outdoor barbecues every weekend

Thanksgiving is still a few months away, so why not put your newly-acquired cooking skills to the test by hosting weekend barbecues? Of course, this will be strictly a family-only affair, but it would be nice if, for one day a week, you all can relax and eat outdoors. While the food is cooking, your kids may have fun playing your cornhole set with custom decals or splashing around the pool. If you can see past your fences, you might even convince neighbors to do their own backyard barbecues so it’s like you’re all having a weekend party together.

4. Tend to your garden

When you’re bored inside the house, you retreat outside to breathe in fresh air and clear your mind, right? But your outdoor space may not look the best if you don’t take care of your plants, which can wilt during the heat of the summer. So if you find yourself dying of boredom, check to see that your plants aren’t actually dying. You can also take advantage of the sun by planting sources of fresh food, such as herbs and vegetables. Of course, you can’t forget flowering plants, which will not only beautify your garden with their bright hues but also provide you with fresh flowers to put in vases around your home.

5. Watch documentaries on Netflix

You might be asking, why watch a documentary instead of an entertaining TV show or movie? Of course, you can also do that, but watching mindless TV can eat up your time and the next thing you know, a whole day has passed and you’ve done nothing productive. Documentaries, on the other hand, might teach you a few things.

Maybe you need inspiration for learning recipes as we’ve mentioned above. Watch a documentary series about famous foods from different parts of the world and try to recreate them! Seen the Netflix series Mindhunter? You might want to dig deeper into the minds of serial killers and there’s plenty of documentaries for that, some of them you can find online for free. You never know when something you’ve watched from a documentary ends up winning you the grand prize at your favorite pub’s trivia night.

6. Solve a puzzle with more than 1000 pieces

Solving jigsaw puzzles is the perfect blend of fun and challenging. But apart from their entertainment value, jigsaw puzzles are also good for the brain. They allow you to take a break from facing a screen, whether it’s the TV, your work laptop, or your phone, and makes you focus on connecting patterns instead. And because you’re focused, your mind stays active but also not agitated with worries. What’s more, finishing a large puzzle can give you a sense of satisfaction that may be lacking in your life right now, especially if you’re not doing anything else. So, on lazy afternoons, allow yourself to relax by spending an hour or two just putting puzzle pieces together.

7. Tackle your reading list

There’s nothing like lazy summer days to inspire you to look at your shelf, pick a book, and settle in for a good story. The books you bought at the beginning of quarantine aren’t going to read themselves. So, take out that still-pristine copy of Michelle Obama’s Becoming and start reading.

8. Join a 30-day challenge

Listening to sound

Now, the most important thing to remember when you’re bored out of your mind in quarantine is to take care of your health, too. You can’t just laze around and eat for months on end. Get your energy back by exercising. You can even make it more fun by joining a 30-day challenge. Maybe the only challenge is to do 10 curl-ups every day for 30 days. That might already be more physical activity than what you’ve been doing. Other challenges include shredding excess fat on different parts of your body or learning beginner’s yoga. Whatever it is, join one to keep your mind and body healthy.

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