Unique Wedding Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything


Unique Wedding Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything

If you’re attending a wedding in the near future, and you have free reign to exercise your creative shopping juices, why not treat the newlyweds to something a little bit different?

We all know that the sweet little ditty at the end of the wedding invitation doesn’t actually mean that our presence is enough. All newlyweds want presents (not simply presence), and there’s nothing more exciting after your wedding day than unwrapping piles upon piles of gifts.

Here are some unique wedding gift ideas for the couples who seem to have everything!

For Fun Couples with Competitive Souls: Customized Cornhole Board

If you know that the bride and groom love to have fun, compete, and play or watch sports, a customized cornhole board is a fantastic gift idea.

Not only will you provide hours of fun once the post-wedding blues have set in, but you can also show your friends or relatives just how thoughtful and caring you are by adding their names, their wedding date, or even a photograph of their beautiful, beaming faces.

For Wine and Beer Connoisseurs: Subscription Boxes

If you’re going to a wedding where the bar menu had more attention put into it than the guest list, this is a surefire sign that the couple will be thrilled with an alcohol-themed gift.

If you’re not confident in your own abilities to select a top-notch bottle of wine that will get the seal of approval, why not enlist somebody else to do the hard work for you? Wine and beer subscription boxes provide a series of high-quality wines and ales delivered straight to their doorstep. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

For Adventurers and Hopeless Romantics: Picnic Backpack

For hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, and those who love to enjoy a spontaneous picnic at the park, what could be better than a cute picnic backpack?

couples-picnicThe couple can forget about trudging along carrying an unsightly lunch bag that may or may not smash their food. Instead, get them a picnic backpack that contains everything they need for an alfresco feast for two.

Once they reach their destination, all they have to do is pop the bag or basket open and unpack plates, utensils, wine glasses, and delicious treats! This thing is so cool that we almost want to get one for ourselves…

For the Entertainers: Tabletop Firepit

If you have friends that love to entertain at home, why not invest in a fabulous new addition for their pad? Rather than opting for popular gifts like candles and dining sets, think outside the wedding registry and explore options like tabletop firepits.

A firepit may sound like a dangerous present, but we promise that it isn’t! Available in various styles and designs, this is a gift that is bound to impress.

For the Cuddlers: Eye-Catching, Flamboyant Hammock

We all know the couple that has everything. They love to be eccentric, they love to be gaudy, and, most importantly, they love to cuddle! So why not combine all of those attributes into a truly eye-popping gift?

This hammock, depending on what kind of person you are, is either horrifying or lovely. If it seems like they already have everything they need, you’ll be proven wrong once they lay their eyes upon this boisterous gift.

For Nostalgic Music-Lovers: Vintage Record Player

Every couple loves a particular genre of music or has an artist or a collection of songs that they listen to over and over again. If their favorite music is from a long-forgotten era (like the 80s…), you should shower them with nostalgia by getting them a record player! There are even vintage-themed record players for that extra oomph.

A record player is one of those things that everyone wants (especially nowadays, as collecting vinyl records is in) but ends up saying, “yeah, I could probably spend that $150 on something more important.” You can remedy this issue by picking one up for them!

For the Uber-Sophisticated: Swivel Cheese & Tapas Board

If the special couple loves to show off how sophisticated they are to their friends, this fancy cheese board from Uncommon Goods will help them do just that. Instead of a simple cutting board covered in finger foods, this circular contraption is designed to be compacted.

It takes up less space, but once they open it up all the way, it has a ton of surface area to arrange hors d’oeuvres and utensils like small knives and cheese spreaders.

For the Sentimental: Painting of Their Honeymoon Locale

piggyback-at-the-beachMarried couples love to reminisce about their honeymoon: that one last week of fun before things go back to normal and it’s time to go back to work. No matter where the honeymoon takes place, whether it’s in Paris, Madagascar, Florida, or Omaha, you’re bound to find a beautiful painting of the location.

Artwork is always a great gift, as each one is wholly unique. However, a piece of artwork that represents something special will be a favorite for years to come.

For the Couple That Has a Study: Handmade Liquor Dispenser

We would bet that any couple who has a dedicated study loves to drink some form of liquor. How nice would it be to have a dispenser hooked up to your favorite bottle ready to deliver you scotch or bourbon with the twist of a handle? This fancy little gizmo does just that.

We all love weddings, but there’s no doubt that it can be tricky to find presents that are cool and unique. The key to excelling on your quest is to think about the couple’s interests and choose a gift they might not have seen or even heard of before.

Your gift will stand out from the crowd, you’ll stand out from the other wedding guests, and there will be no risk of your friends ending up with seven versions of the same thing (only six versions…)!

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